Lookalike on Sunday #3

Art, Lookalike on Sunday

So it isn’t quite Sunday any more, but it’s worth the agonising wait because I actually think this is a good one.

Sir Hubert Von Herkomer’s Portrait of Lady Tate (c.1899) is…RUTH JONES

I don’t have much to say about the actual painting, but if you find yourself awestruck by this relative unknown the Tate Britain blurb on Von Herkomer’s work can be read here. Lady Tate was the second wife of big-time art benefactor Henry, whose collection would form the basis of the galleries we all know and love.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I have done nothing but force crude, dubiously accurate similarities upon you for several weeks. Never fear, however, I will be back with some incisive criticism on the hottest (read: cheapest) art tickets in town before the week is out. Brace yourselves.


Famous Welsh person Ruth Jones / Frill enthusiast Lady Tate


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