The Turner Prize: Love it or hate it, it still gets people talking

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So infamous I won’t even bother with a caption (psgri2003 on Flickr)

Originally published on the Independent blog here

Outside of the art world, the Turner Prize seems to be a byword for work that is self-indulgent, ‘easy’ to produce and generally laughable. Most years it serves as an excuse for anyone who fancies it to make uninformed, unfunny jokes about Tracey Emin’s unmade bed. However, with a lack of such easy targets, could this year change the way people see the beleaguered competition?


Marilyn Monroe: A British Love Affair @ National Portrait Gallery

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Thought some of you might fancy a peep at a review I wrote for Weekend Notes of Marilyn Monroe: A British Love Affair – an exhibition of rare photos, magazine covers and film stills which is at the National Portrait Gallery in London until March 24 (it’s also free!).

Be a peach, and have a look here.

Snapped: London 2012 (It’s kind of a big deal)

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Olympic rings over Tower Bridge

This weekend, a bunch of people are coming to London to play some games, so everyone is really excited. There’s no prizes for guessing that I’m not a huge sports fan, but despite my best efforts (and despite the hideousness that they are inflicting upon every single journey I make) I’m actually quite looking forward to the Olympics too. Of course I’m aware of the numerous political clusterfucks, and how shit it’s probably made life for residents of East London,  but it’s happening regardless so I’m just going to treat it like a big sporty party on my doorstep. Albeit an extremely heavily policed one, and one that’s full of Americans. Not that I begrudge our friends from across the pond, though. The other day I listened to three of them debating whether Canada Water tube station had any kind of link with the country Canada for almost ten minutes. Priceless.

I live in South East London, and as such have had the misfortune of having to go to the Olympic park to queue for 2 hours for some tickets that weren’t even mine. As resident ‘girl with a decent camera’, I’ve also been roped in to follow around the torch relay for this TOTES BRILL Olympics blog, which is in no way to do with anyone I know, honest. But on the bright side, I got a few nice pictures, which I have displayed below for your viewing pleasure.