The Turner Prize: Love it or hate it, it still gets people talking

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So infamous I won’t even bother with a caption (psgri2003 on Flickr)

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Outside of the art world, the Turner Prize seems to be a byword for work that is self-indulgent, ‘easy’ to produce and generally laughable. Most years it serves as an excuse for anyone who fancies it to make uninformed, unfunny jokes about Tracey Emin’s unmade bed. However, with a lack of such easy targets, could this year change the way people see the beleaguered competition?


Snapped: Yoko Ono @ Serpentine Gallery

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Just a few snaps from Yoko Ono’s show “To the Light” at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. I’ve written a review too, but have entered it for a writing competition and am all shy and modest n’ shit, so I’ll post it later. By which I mean, if I win.

These are of “Play it by Trust” an all-white chess set outside the building. The idea behind it is a bit peace n’ love for my liking, but at least it looks cool. Just don’t read the description. The show is a bit half and half between annoying hippy cliches (read: a wishing tree) and proper, decent art, but if you have time you should go down and check out “Cut Piece,” a film from 1964 (re-shot in 2003) where Ono sits on a stage and has her clothes cut off by members of the audience. Lazy shits can also watch it on Youtube here.

Below that is the new pavilion designed by Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei, which has a little lake type thing on top. When I was there it was packed with people, but that’s probably because it was pissing it down with rain.

Out of Sync: Fernando Casasempere @ Somerset House (Pics)

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Today, I went down to Somerset House to see the new installation by Fernando Casasempere.

I felt kind of let down at first because the image on the poster looks a lot like a doctor’s hand holding a human heart, when the exhibition is actually just a bunch of clay flowers. But despite my initial disappointment, it was a pretty nice way to wile away half an hour of a sunny afternoon.

Modern art is rubbish?

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Song Dong: Waste Not @ Barbican Curve

I am a girl. As part of my remit as a card-carrying member of the fairer sex, I am hard-wired to gush on command at anything displaying even the faintest hint of sentiment, nostalgia or filial love. It’s the reason why is any clean-shaven young gentleman who has suffered the trauma of witnessing his mother’s second cousin’s dog’s brother go through the trauma of an ingrown toenail is guaranteed to win the X Factor, don’t you know.

With this taken into consideration, Chinese artist Song Dong’s first major UK installation, Waste Not, was the ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon.