Diggin’ on design #1


For quite some time now, a large proportion of my internet time-wasting has been dutifully conducted on design-porn sites such as DesignSponge, DesignTaxi and Wallpaper*. I’m not going to go nuts and spend my free time productively or anything, but to at least bring a little structure to my procrastination I thought I’d start a little weekly round-up of the best bits of design I can’t afford, and that in any case would look ridiculous in my unglamorous, shoebox-sized home where the shower is actually inside a cupboard (hard to explain the logistics of this but an excellent party piece nonetheless). So, here are this week’s beauts:

5. Victorian-style cushion by Thornback & Peel

I’ve just discovered design duo Thornback & Peel, whose illustrations are a mix of the weird old stuffed animals you find in the dusty corners of the Natural History Museum, intricate-looking Victorian jellies and drawings that could be from Mrs Beeton’s cookbook. Coincidentally, I’ve also just found out that Mrs Beeton is buried less than five minutes from my house. In honour of both these facts, this kooky kushion makes number five.